Friday, November 27, 2009

Keeping Up

Okay, I realize now that regularly writing a blog post is not a trivial endeavor. I started at the beginning of the summer, and kept up with it pretty well for a few months. Then, the term began. Woah. Too many other things demanded my time and this blog, along with all of my other e-social activities, dropped off to nearly nothing. I also realized that writing the blog was, indeed cutting into time I used to spend writing papers, and that my publication productivity dropped off this summer. The blog is not entirely to blame, this was a crazy summer on the home front that also cut into work time, but I think it contributed to my slip. I actually thought that writing the blog would help, because it would be keeping me in the writing mode and I would be mentally prepared to jump in and work on a manuscript for an hour whenever I had the chance. Perhaps, but maybe not. I was already a decent writer who could focus on writing when I needed to. I think the blog is just getting in the way.

That said, I will not give it up. I like to write it and hope that anyone out there reading it is actually enjoying it. But, that said, I make no promises at how often I will post. I will probably post a few more times over the next week; I just finished a good book analyzing The Federalist Papers and have a few things to say about it, and this is my venue for those thoughts. I will try to be better than I have over the past 3 months, and certainly better than the past month (when I posted nothing), but it will probably be more like a weekly post, at best, than a daily post. I don’t know how bloggers like Female Science Professor write as much as they do. I suspect she is either so senior that she has lots of time and ideas at the ready, or she is really a team of people all contributing to the same blog.

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