Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pittsburgh Day 5: Going Global

Today, I heard the leader of the Stephen Ministries organization, Ken Haugk, say that they are very close to unveiling a “whole church leadership system," analogous to the Stephen Ministry leadership and management system that I have been learning about all week. This is truly fantastic, as I think that this system is universally applicable to any management situation (see Day 2 post below). I think I might quit my tenured faculty job and go to work for Stephen Ministries to help them develop a “whole scientist leadership system." I did not receive any leadership or management training when I became a professor, or a research scientist, or whenever it was that I had to start writing proposals and funding myself and hiring grad students and building a group. I know that our department offers nothing like this for any of our junior faculty, tenure-track or research-track. While I am not actually serious about quitting my job, I am serious about developing a leadership and management toolkit for scientists...unless someone can tell me where such a thing already exists.

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  1. In one of my meetings for the education committee that I was on, we discussed this a fair bit. We discussed many aspects of the lack of training for professors or research scientists in the educational system. If education is a priority, professors should be talk how to teach, eh? If the university wants sceintists to succeed, you would think that they would offer "classes" in how to manage groups, write effective proposals and papers, etc. It was suggested that CLRT should do more in this regard.